BassSpike, adjustable, flat

Bass- endpin in personal design made of cherr with metal pin, functional and elegant! The endpin can be attached by Velcro fastener ono the bottom of the recorder foot and can be easily removed for transport. It is holding the complete weight of the recorder and is therefore a great facilitation when working with your bass- or great bass recorder! The recorder can be extended by 28 cm, the height can be adjusted continously.
Assembly is very easy: The paper foil on the adhesive surface of the included Velcro ring is peeled off and the ring is glued to the underside of the footjoint of the bass recorder. Then the wooden body of the bass spike is "velcroed" against it from below. This creates a stable connection,
which can be easily loosened again for transport in the bass recorder case.

This bass-endpin has an even contact area and is suited for bass recorders whose bottom side has a straight foot.

Suited inter alia for following bass recorder-models:

Mollenhauer Canta

Mollenhauer Traumflöte
Mollenhauer Denner
Moeck Consort
Küng Superio
Zen-On 5500B

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