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Blockflöte/Flöte, blokfluit, flûte à bec, recorder, flauta a becco




  • Professional repairs in our own workshop by qualified recorder maker
  • Consignment on approval within Germany
  • Expert advice from experienced professional musicians
  • Shipping is free within Germany with a minimum order of 25 Euro
  • All of our instruments are tested for sound, responsiveness and intonation.
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All of our instruments are tested thoroughly for tuning, response and sound.

We guarantee this for every instrument purchased from us with our seal of quality.



Here you will find instructions for play in and care of your new recorder as well as a guide to help you with your purchase decision of a new recorder and what to do against recorder croakiness. Furthermore we have added interesting links and addresses, magazines for recorder players and a small film Radio Bremen shot in our shop in Bremen.

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Matejko, Vahid - Kino Hits - Soprano Recorder + CD
Matejko, Vahid - Kino Hits - Soprano Recorder + CD

Matejko, Vahid - Kino Hits - Soprano Recorder + CD

EUR 17,95
incl. 7 % VAT
Available, enough stock
Available, enough stock
Product.Nr.: ALF20168G

product description

An attractive selection of film-music, that made it to real „movie-hits“. The play-along-CD with full- and half playback contains music, that does not come from a digital sound-can, but from named musicians recorded live. „EasyKino Hits“ will inspire many young recorder players, that can ostly already sing these famous catchy tunes.

Content: As Time Goes By (Casablanca)- In Dreams (Herr der Ringe) - Gonna Fly now ( Rocky) -I'm singing in the Rain (Singin' in the rain) - Hogwart's Hymn (Harry Potter) - Winter Wonderland - James Bod Theme - Ghostbusters - I don't want to miss a Thing (Armaggedon) - Pink Panther - Star Wars - Miss Marple's Theme

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