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  • Professional repairs in our own workshop by qualified recorder maker
  • Consignment on approval within Germany
  • Expert advice from experienced professional musicians
  • Shipping is free within Germany with a minimum order of 25 Euro
  • All of our instruments are tested for sound, responsiveness and intonation.
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All of our instruments are tested thoroughly for tuning, response and sound.

We guarantee this for every instrument purchased from us with our seal of quality.



Here you will find instructions for play in and care of your new recorder as well as a guide to help you with your purchase decision of a new recorder and what to do against recorder croakiness. Furthermore we have added interesting links and addresses, magazines for recorder players and a small film Radio Bremen shot in our shop in Bremen.
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bass recorder Moeck 4520 Rottenburgh, maple
bass recorder Moeck 4520 Rottenburgh, maple bass recorder Moeck 4520 Rottenburgh, maple bass recorder Moeck 4520 Rottenburgh, maple

bass recorder Moeck 4520 Rottenburgh, maple

EUR 1.273,95

Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl
Sofort versandfähig, ausreichende Stückzahl
Product.Nr.: Moe4520

Geprüfte Qualität seit 1986

Als erstes deutsches Fachgeschäft mit eigener Werkstatt nur für Blockflöten fühlen wir uns den hohen Qualitätsansprüchen unserer Kunden verpflichtet. Mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung in Neubau, Reparatur und Handel von Blockflöten geben wir unseren Kunden die Sicherheit bester Klang- und Spieleigenschaften aller unserer Instrumente. Ob Anfänger-oder Profi-Instrument, ob unsere eigenen oder die Instrumente unserer Flötenbauer-Kollegen, bevor sie unser Haus verlassen, prüfen ir jede einzelne Blockflöte auf:

  • beste Ansprache - Leichtgängiges Spiel und klaren, deutlichen Klang
  • exakte Grundstimmung - Auf Kammerton a=440Hz
  • perfekte Intonation - ​Aller einzelnen Tonschritte der Flöte

product description

This three-piece bass recorder made of light maple wood in a=442Hz in baroque
fingering has a full,warm and elegant sound. It is equipped with double key f/fsharp
and two additional keys at the middle joint for b and c, this bass is
comfortable in handling. The, on the backside of the middle joint installed thumb
rest is a height-adjustable and equipped with a loop for clicking on the neck strap.
This bass has a cap with bocal, but can also be blown directly. It is- like all other
instruments of the Rottenburgh-series- the recorder of choice for thos players, who
want to play on an advanced level with their instrument. It is a well-bearing, reliable
instrument for the soloistic play, but also ideally usable in recorder- or
chambermusic ensembles.


Included in the scope of delivery is a maintenance kit, a black leather pocket
with cleaning rod, cork grease and fingering chart
• every recorder is tested thoroughly of its tuning, response and sound
• for every here purchased instrument we grant a 2 year warranty starting
with purchased date

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