treble recorder Margret Löbner 442 Hz, grenadilla

fine handcrafted alto recorder by Margret Löbner in a=442 Hz made ofgrenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon), surface oiled and polished, finger holes undercut, arched windway

This instrument I can justifiably call my own design. A recorder has been formed, that -thanks to the European box wood- has the smoothe and brilliant sound of a baroque instrument. It has an easy response and throguh its high intonation it can be played well together with other modern instruments. On request I build them in grenadil as well.

  • Included in the scope of delivery is a sheep whool lined silk pocket with cleaning rod, Löbner-maintenance kit and playing-in-guide

  • every recorder is tested thoroughly of its tuning, response and sound

  • for every here purchased instrument we grant a 2 year warranty starting with purchased date


As of 2.January 2017 Palisander wood (Dalbergia stevensonii), Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) and Rosewood (Dalbergia decipularis)  falls under
the Washington protection agreement CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna an Flora) of protected woods.
Therefore, the export of Grenadill wood to countries outside of th EU is currently impeded.

Due to the international Cites agreement (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which applies to all recorders made from grenadilla, palisander and rosewood since 2.1.2017, we calculate a surcharge of 80 Euro per recorder for each order or delivery to non-EU countries.

 The application for the documents of exportation of this recorder may take some time. We kindly ask for your patience.


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