Bornmann, Johannes - Altblockflöte für Erwachsene - Band 3

Often wished for and long anticipated: an entertaining course book for playing the alto recorder for adults- designed for beginners as well as returnees. In 3 editions the way leads through 15 chapters with all in all 150 appealing, continuously 2-voice music pieces from art- and folk music of different eras nd origin- countries- a clear fundus for music friends, who dont just dogmatically want to play original recorder music. Accord information as well as song lyrics under the notes allow a conjointly playing. Parts about acoustic effects, about the manufacturing of the recorder and its sound-production, about interesting mucis-related topics, eras of the mucis history and different historical dances, specifications and help for interpretation and perfomance as well as usical trains of thought to philosphical ideas about music and its meaning in the different cultures are super interesting and acustomed for adults.


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