Album III - Sieben leichte Stücke- treble recorder + CD

Content: Gagliarda "La Gamba" (T. Susato) - Rondo (T. Susato) - Air (H. Purcell) - Menuett I and II (E. Ph. Chédeville) - Pastourelle (G. Ph. Telemann) - Ballincollig in the morning (Trad. Irland)) Complete sheet music material (Solo-, and hapsichord voice) and Play-Along-CD with "concert-version" and three different tempi for practice. In slower speed the recorder can be masked in and out via balance-regulator, in both faster versions only the basso continuo sounds. Recording by Manfredo Zimmermann (recorder) and Mechthild Winter (hapsichord)

Score, parts and CD
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