Greensleeves and pudding pies - Level 3 - SB / SSB/ SAAB

A collection of Basso continuo and historical improvisation from Monika Mandelartz– 50 pieces by Byrd, Dornel, Dowland, Falconieri, Hidalgo, Locke, Merula, Monteverdi, Playford, Purcell, Susato, van Eyck, (Level 3) with easy continuo parts for two and more players. Ideal for sessions with historical improvisation, practice pieces for continuo beginners, and for school ensembles. In the basso continuo, Level 3 practices sixth chords, dominantsept chord, subdominate, suspension, passacaglia, folia, ciacona, sequence of descending fifths, zigzag sequence. 108 pp.

Level 3: B. c.: "easy intermetiate"

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