Praetorius, Michale - Syntagma Musicum II

Comprehensive edition with numerous illustrations and musical examples, 152 pages (german language)

Middle Ages
Woodwind instruments
Reed instruments
The shawm / reed pipes and hornpipes / bagpipes and platerspiel / the dulzaina
The flutes
Panpipes and transverse flutes / Six-hole flute and double flutes / One-handed flute and hand drum / The recorder / The Gemshorn
Keyboard instruments
The medieval organ / Portative and positive / Hurdy-gurdy / Monochord and clavichord
Brass instruments
The trumpet / Bull horn and olifant / The medieval cornett / The slide trumpet
Stringed instruments
Instruments with unwound strings
The harp / The lyre / The psaltery and the dulcimer
Instruments with frets
The lute / The mandora / The long-necked lute / The gitterna (ghiterna) / The citole (cittern)
The stringed instruments
The rebec and the fiddle / The stringed lyre / The trumpet
Percussion instruments
Hand timpani (Nacaires) and pipe drum / Kettle timpani and stirring drum / Tambourine and shell drum / Rubbing drum
Melodic percussion instruments
The glockenspiel / The xylophone
Other percussion instruments
Cymbals and triangle / Rattles, castanets and rattles / Jew's harp
Woodwind instruments

Reed instruments without wind capsule
Shawm and Pommer / The Bassanello / The Dulcian / Sordung and Courtaut / The Rankett
Instruments with wind capsule
The crumhorn / The cornamuse / The kortholt / The doppione / The pitch pipe and the shouting pipe / The bagpipe (bagpipes)
The flutes
The transverse flute / The recorder
Keyboard instruments
The Renaissance organ / The shelf / The harpsichord / The clavicytherium / The claviorganum / The virginal / The spinet / The violin
Brass instruments
Trumpet / Horn / Trombone (Sackbut) / Zinc / Serpent
Stringed instruments
Plucked instruments
Harp / Lute / Theorbo and Chitarrone / Mandora, Pandurina, Colascione and Angelica / Cister / Ceterone / Pandora and Orpheoreon / Penorcon, Polyphant and Stump / Vihuela and Guitar
The Stringed Instruments
The viole (viola da gamba) / The violone / Division viol, lyra viol and viola bastarda / The lirone / Renaissance fiddle and lira da braccio / The violin


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