Breaking in and taking care of your recorder

With the following tips on breaking in and taking care of your recorder I would like to help you reach the optimal sound development.Before every session you should warm up the head joint of the recorder to body temperature.
In the first week play the new instrument every day for 5 minutes in the lower octave. It is important that you... read more (GB)


A small guidebook on how to oil a recorder

In order to have long-lasting joy with your recorder, many wood types require occasional oiling. Through oiling the internal bore gets impregnated and is so protected from unwanted moisture. Unpainted instruments can more (GB)


Hoarseness in recorders

1.Reasons for hoarseness
a) Generally the reason for any kind of hoarseness relies on one physical phenomena: condensation. Our air of breathe is warm and almost fully saturated with moisture. When getting in contact with cooler objects this damp-warm air condensates as moisture on the object's surface. We all know this: blowing our breathe at a cold window glass, a way stronger and longer lasting film develops in the... read more


About the tooting and blowing...

or- take your teeth from the wind-stream!
or- what instrument for which player, how to play in what kind of room? Ah excuse me what?
Hiking mountains with sneakers on? To a theater in hiking boots? Shoes we choose after there aim of purpose, comfort and their optical appeal.
And recorders...? Often enough it is not even commonly known
that... read more


Film of Radio Bremen about Recorder Centre Bremen

We would like to show you our nice location in the historical villa near river Weser.
Go here to watch the film (in german language)


Network and interesting links

We have collected several interesting links for recorder players in the world wide web.
Please go here


Magazines about recorders and ancient music

Some journals and other periodicals are worth reading for recorder players or those who prefere ancient music.
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 Sarah Jeffrey

Movies from Sarah Jeffery

The british british recorder player Sarah Jeffery has  finished their studies in Amsterdam, where she now lives and teaches.
Go here to look very interesting and humorous videos about playing recorder.
It's really fun to watch these videos !