bass recorder Moeck 4529 Rottenburgh, maple stained

This three-piece bass recorder made of dark stained and oiled maple in classic optics in a=442Hz in baroque fingering. The special thing about this instrument is that it is supplemented by a second middle joint in 415 Hz. It is equipped with double key f/f-sharp and two additional keys at the middle joint for b and c, this bass is comfortable in handling. The, on the backside of the middle joint installed, thumb rest is a height-adjustable and equipped with a loop for clicking on the neck strap. This bass has a cap with bocal, but can also be blown directly. It is- like all other instruments of the Rottenburgh-series- the recorder of choice for those players, who want to play on an advanced level with their instrument. Designed after an original by Jean Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh (1672-1756), its full, warm and elegant sound makes it a very well-carrying, reliable instrumentfor the soloistic play, but also ideally usable in recorder- or chambermusic ensembles. For maintenance and conservation of the beautiful sound regular oiling is necessary. This model is also available singularly in 415 Hz as well as complete set in case with two middle joints in 442 and 415 Hz.

This model is also available in maple natural as well as in oiled maple.

  • Included in the scope of delivery is a black, imitation-leather lined case with carrying strap, cleaning rod, cork grease, fingering chart, Moeck care-set and breaking-in-instructions.

  • every recorder is tested thoroughly of its tuning, response and sound

  • for every here purchased instrument we grant a 2 year warranty starting with purchased date

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