Rosier, Carl - Sechs Triosonaten - Band 1 2 Altblockflöten und Basso continuo

With the presented edition six of the twelve triosonatas for 2 recorders and basso continuo of the 1640 in Lüttich born composer Carl Rosier have been published.  They are from the three vocal-booklets from the in 1691 in Amsterdam published print-edit Pieces choises, a la maniere Italienne, which was compilated by Amedée le Chavallier and printed by Pieter & Joan Blaeu.

Content edition 1:

Sonate (I.) C-dur (Poco Allegro - Non troppo Allegro - Più allegro - Canzon - Presto)                             Sonate (III.) c-moll (Poco Allegro - Allegro - Adagio - Allemanda - Gigue Allegro)                                Sonate (VI.) D-major (without notes) - Adagio - Allemanda - Poco Allegro)

Scores and parts

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