Easy Concert pieces 2 - soprano recorder and piano (+CD)

Diverse compilation of easy recorder-pieces, which are already make an entry into performance-literature from the 2nd year of lessons possible. Well suited for performances, small concerts and also for "Jugend musiziert". Included Play-Along-CD

Content: 25 Pieces from 5 Centuries

Susato: Pavane
Susato: La Mourisque
Byrd: Sellenger's Round
Salaverde: Corente
Schein: Allemande
Anonymous: The Nymph's Dance
Anonymous: Almain ( Cupararee)
Playford: Daphne
Playford: Prince Rupert's March
Anonymous: Greensleeves to a Ground
Charpentier: Prélude
Valentine: Allegro
J.S. Bach: Aria
G. F. Händel: La Rejouissance
G. G. Händel: Sarabande
W.A: Mozart: Romance aus Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Hook: The Echo Song
Tschaikowsky: Schwanensee
Grieg: Morgenstimmung
Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance
Searle: Summer and Winter
Bönisch: Dancing in the Morning
Mohrs: Prayer for Peace
Koeppen: Windlied

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