Tilmann Dehnhard - 16 Miniatures - recorder, piano and CD

In gentle images that tell of treasures of our world, of positive feelings, quiet experiences or quiet moments, each piece traces moments that reveal themselves in a new light with every breath and change from all sides when viewed. Whether it is the spray of the waves, the sparkle of a gemstone or a kite in the sky - there are always new nuances in colour as well as sound and thus endless possibilities that kaleidoscopically assemble before our eyes. As if by itself, it carries you on from piece to piece, creating moods and sparking images in your mind's eye.
The 16 miniatures - simple and beautiful, short and good - are small self-contained works of art with great melodic expressiveness, which are not only fun to work on in class, but also convincing on the concert stage.

Score, solo part and CD
Universal Edition



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