Weber-Kellermann, Ingeborg - Das Große Buch der Weihnachtslieder -

200 Instruments of the years 1926 to 1945

The rediscovery of the recorder in Germany started from the Saxon Vogtland. Here multiple recorder models were developed in only two decades. Followers of the Youth movement as well as amateurs, Music scientists and pioneers of playing on old instruments, were all equally interested in the historical, at that time newly build, instrument. In 1930 already the phrase of the „Recorder-movement“ was created.

This catalogue with 200 instruments from the collection of Peter Thalheimer documentates a special exhibition of the Music-Instrument-Museum Markneukirchen. It shows the variety of the recorder building then, that still inspires the recorder scene nowadays. The optical impressions are completed with the added CD. It offers a nice cross section of the „current state“ repertoire of that time of Old and New music, played on 52 diefferent recorders of the years 1926 to 1945, Laute, Viola da gamba, Clavichord and percussions.


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