Weber-Kellermann, Ingeborg - Das Große Buch der Weihnachtslieder -

This bilingual (German/English) publication has developed from over many years in the frame of advanced training courses for recorder teachers. With many sheet music examples important knowledge is transferred, that is obligatory for the authentic interpretation of Early-Baroque music. In 9 comprehensive and versatile chapters the author gives in her 2012 published edition many tips and practical guiding for cantable play in vivid performance execution.


· Mensural notation (Notation, mensural music, Tactus, Integer Valor, poportions)
· Symbols and proportions by Michael Praetorius
· Manners of the diminution period (Accento, Trillo, Mordant, Tremolo, Groppo, Tirata, Passagi)
· Blütezeit der Diminution (Regeln und praktische Anleitungen zur Diminution, Madrigale, Ortiz, Ganassi, van Eyck)
· Articulation (Rethoric, Articulation-instructions in numerous tracts from the years 1533-1677)
· The Vibrato in the 16th and 17th century (Natural vibrato, Blowers- and vocal vibrato, Vibrato for strings, finger-vibrato, Messa di Voce)
· Declamation (punctuation, articulation breaks, Inégaltité)
· Melody as vocality after Mattheson (punctuation, rhythm)
· Temporelations of the Canzons by Frescobaldi, Fontana, Castello
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