bass recorder Huber 930 Master bend neck, pearwood

Bass recorder with bend neck in 442 Hz made of pearwood in baroque fingering. This instrument with fine detailed, historically inspired form is carefully handcrafted. The straight head joint- the optically elegant solution- allows, thanks to the tight arrangement of the finger holes, comfortable playing. The thumb rest is adjustable and the precise key mechanics works very low-noise. An integrated sliding roll for better key grip alllows secure switch of the halftones. The sound of pear wood is warm and base-tuned.

  • Included in the scope of delivery is a handcrafted, noble form case with leather lining, colour burgundy/ black, with cleaning rod, cork grease, fingering chart, Löbner-maintenance kit and playing-in-guide

  • every recorder is tested thoroughly of its tuning, response and sound

  • for every here purchased instrument we grant a 2 year warranty starting with purchased date

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