Bass recorder Moeck 8520 Consort, Ahorn stained

Three-piece renaissance consort bass recorder in stained maple wood, a=442Hz in baroque fingering, with brass sleeve as connection between head and lower joint
for tuning the instrument. For better grip, this tenor has a narrow arrangement of tone holes as well as a simple key (c), the mechanism of which is encased in a fontanel.
This consort model is a reconstruction of the uniquely preserved collection of historical recorders in the Vienna Hofburg.
These replicas have a range of 1 1/2 octaves and, with their warm, sonorous sound, are particularly well suited to the extensive repertoire of polyphonic Renaissance music.
Due to their rather cylindrical and comparatively wide bore with large tone holes, these flutes have a rather fundamental intonation and therefore blend particularly well in an ensemble. For maintenance and to preserve the beautiful sound, it is necessary to oil this flute regularly.

- Included in the delivery is a black, leatherette-covered case with wiper rod, cork grease, fingering chart, Moeck care set and playing-in instructions.
- Each flute is thoroughly tested by us for tuning, response and sound.
- For every instrument purchased from us, we grant a 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

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