bass recorder Yamaha YRB-61 SP, 442/415 Hz, maple stained

Four-piece bass recorder (f) in maple and in a= 442 Hz and a= 415 Hz, with bocal, double key and additional keys at the middle joint for c and b. Additionally to the middle joint in a=442 Hz this bass recorder can also be played two halftones deeper with the middle joint in a=415 Hz. This extraordinary bass recorder with its powerful and warm sound, but also secure response in high pitches is suited for all kinds of music. It gives an ideal basis in every recorder quartet, can be used for solo literature as well as bigband-ensembles. On this recorder we have made the keys especially low (muted).


  • Included in the scope of delivery is a stable case with carrying strap with cleaning rod, cork grease, recorder oil and fingering chart

  • every recorder is tested thoroughly of its tuning, response and sound

  • for every here purchased instrument we grant a 2 year warranty starting with purchased date

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